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All praise is for Allah, Lord of all the Worlds, and peace and blessings be upon His Prophet and Messenger Muhammad, and upon his family, and his companions, and those who follow him until the Day of Resurrection.

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Weekly Activity Schedule
Day   Time   Event
saturday   6pm-7pm   dars for the youth/family
tuesday   6:30-7:30pm   Quran reading/memorization for brothers
sunday   after fajr   quran reading/memorization for brothers
thursday   6:30-7:30pm   quran reading/memorization for brothers


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Adjacent Plot Purchased

The recently purhcased adjacent property has been cleared, cleaned and is ready for outdoor activities and parking. First, a company was contracted to remove the cyclone fence that divided the properties. Next, we rented a Bobcat and went through two dumpsters clearing logs, branches, brush, concrete, dirt, garbage and other debris. [click here to view more images]

View from Front View from Rear

Our current facility is an old single-family home that is no longer able to support our operations. Insha 'Allah, we are setting out to build a new masjid on the same property by purchasing the vacant lot next to ours and constructing a new building with proper facilities like parking, wudu stations, rooms for children, classrooms and a library. The architect has developed two plans: a one story (Scheme A) and two story (Scheme B) configuration -- the two story being the best (but costing more). We need your financial support -- any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated. Please tell your friends and family and get the word out that they have an opportunity to build a masjid that calls for the message of Muhammad -- at-Tawheed.


Preliminary site/floor plans have been made available by the architect and can be downloaded in PDF format here:

The project is divided into three (3) phases:

  1. Purchase adjacent lot: approximately $60k. Lot is up for sale and needs to be purchased quickly before someone else purchases it. COMPLETED
  2. New building construction: one-story: approximately $600k; two-story: approximately $1m.
  3. Old building demolition: approximately $10k.

Current Prayer Times
Salat Time Notes
Fajr 4:20am  
Dhur 1:15pm  
Jumuah 1:15pm  
'Asr 4:45pm  
Maghrib sunset  
'Isha 9:50pm  

Prayer Schedules

June 2016

July 2017


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